Mission, Vision & Values

The founding principles and values of the August Holding Corporation.

Our Mission

We exist to enter selected industry sectors where minority ownership is underrepresented, and we work to develop businesses within those industries to create and drive transformational growth while creating opportunities for others.


To be the premier African American led venture capital firm while serving as an example for other minority and female entrepreneurs and executives to emulate, learn and grow from.

Our Core Values


We’re committed to success. We work tirelessly to be the best in all that we do.


Culture is everything. We create a positive culture that energizes, and fosters connected relationships and great teamwork. We believe that this type of environment allows people to thrive and produce their best work.


It is our belief that in order to be successful, our ventures must resemble and embody the communities in which we serve. We take pride in embracing and reflecting an organization of diversity and inclusion.


We are passionate about each of our ventures, because we reach fulfillment by working on projects that make an impact. We consider it a “win-win”, both for our organization, the community, and the individuals we serve.


We take an enormous amount of pride in ensuring that we are always doing the right thing. We build honesty and accountability into our everyday routine.


We understand that success is created by repetition and to be successful is a process. We are dedicated and committed to the grind, and we take every necessary measure to hold ourselves responsible.

We employ a calculated and pragmatic approach when we evaluate opportunities.