Core Assets

The August Holding Corporation’s asset portfolio is strategically designed to leverage operational experience that is necessary to seize market opportunities, accelerate growth, and create value.

100% Ownership

Licensed and regulated by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, the Aspire Treatment & Recovery Center of Virginia is an outpatient Opioid Treatment facility that provides addiction recovery services to individuals who are afflicted with various substance abuse disorders.

100% Ownership

Accu-Point Diagnostics is an Independent Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory that specializes in providing quantitative drug screenings, primarily for the purpose of aiding physicians and medical groups in monitoring their patients who are undergoing treatment for pain management, mental health or treatment for substance abuse disorders.

Accu-Point Diagnostics’ main objective is to improve patient adherence and compliance with their prescription drug regimens, with an additional focus on protecting medical practices from exposure to liability.

100% Ownership

Headquartered in the nations capital, Washington D.C., Handle19 is a premium sports and racebook that sets a new standard of American sports wagering. Handle19 offers a full service entertainment platform that allows wagers to be placed on sporting events across all major sports leagues. Handle 19 is actively planning to expand operations where permitted by law throughout the United States.

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